10 of the Best Ways to Have Fun at the Beach

Summer is coming and many of us are looking forward to having fun on the beach. If you are one of these people, you are probably already shopping for bikinis and stocking up on sunblock!

Some people will enjoy a day at the beach simply by lying down and taking in the rays. Others will enjoy partaking in fun physical activities. If you are one of the latter, here are some exciting things you can do to make your day even more exciting.

  • These activities don’t require a lot of equipment to set up.
  • They do not require any special training, beginners can partake.
  • I have engaged in these activities and can attest that they are safe and easy to partake in.

Just Digging in the Sand

Digging in the sand is a fun activity both children and adults can enjoy and all that’s required is a bucket and a shovel. Participants can have fun building sandcastles and more elaborate sand monuments and statues.

To add excitement to this activity, have a contest to see who can build the deepest hole in the sand. Then see if anyone can actually fit in the hole or how long it takes to fill it with water.

games top play in the sand

Beach Frisbee

The beach is a great way to throw a frisbee around as long as there is enough open space to do so.

A variation on this activity is frisbee golf. To play this game, set up targets using the items you brought to the beach, such as a picnic blanket, an umbrella or a towel.

Take turns throwing the frisbee at the target. Whoever hits the most targets, or come closest the most often, wins.


The beach is a great place for doing the limbo dance. The sand provides a nice soft surface that offers protection if anyone falls.

You don’t need a fancy bar to do the limbo dance. A pool noodle, jump rope or boat oar will do.

To do the limbo, participants must try to shimmy under the bar while standing up with their backs bent backwards so they are facing the sky. Participants who get through the round without falling advance to the next round while those that fall are eliminated. If you can play music while doing the limbo without disturbing other beach-goers, all the better!


Volleyball is another popular sport often played at the beach. In fact, it’s so popular, many beaches already have a net set up. If they don’t, portable nets can be purchased and brought from home.

Volleyball is played in teams of two. Each team hits the ball over the net hoping it doesn’t hit the ground while it’s on their side. The team that is best able to keep the ball elevated wins.

Treasure Hunt

There are so many interesting things to explore at the beach. This makes it the perfect location for a treasure hunt.

Kids can hunt for beach items like shells, rocks or driftwood or you can provide your own items for them to search for. They can collect the items in their pails and whoever finds the most is the winner.

Treasure hunts can be spur of the moment or you can plan yours out in advance with interesting items and pre-planned clues.

Flying a Kite

Flying a kite is a terrific outdoor activity. While doing it right at the shore can be disruptive to beach-goers, it is provides some terrific boardwalk fun. And beaches tend to be windy making them the perfect locations for keeping kites afloat.

It can be difficult to launch a kite so kids might need some adult assistance but if no adults are available, they can still have a great time running along and watching the kites trail behind them.

kite at the beach

Tug of War

There’s nothing like a good old game of tug of war.

To play the game, you will need a rope, but even a jump rope can be used. In a worst-case scenario, you can just tie a bunch of towels together.

You will need to make teams of two with the weight of each team being distributed as evenly as possible. The more people the better, but tug of war can be played by as few as two people for an exciting one on one event.

Teams line up holding either side of the rope and pull against each other until the weaker team falls down. It’s a good idea to do your tug a war close to the shoreline to ensure they losers end up wet!

Sand Hopscotch

Many kids play hopscotch by drawing a board on the sidewalk in chalk, but you can also etch your board in the sand using a stick or a rock.

The idea of hopscotch is to draw a grid of blocks. Each block will have a number in the middle. Numbers start at one and can go as high with the numbers as you’d like but, typically, you won’t want to get higher than 12.

The boxes are set up so that two are next to each other while a third one is on its own. So 1 and 2 will be next to each other and 3 will be on it’s own, 4 and 5 will be next to each other and 6 will be on it’s own and so on. This will allow players to jump on the boxes with both feet down and then hop on the third one alternating as they go.

Players will throw a rock which will land in a square. They will then have to jump through the board without stepping on the block the rock landed on. This will force them to pick the rock up in any number of precarious positions. It is up to them to pick up the rock without falling. If they fall, they are disqualified.

top beach games for kids
Maybe the best beach game is just watching the surf come in

Blowing Bubbles

The beach is a great place for blowing bubbles. The gentle outdoor breeze will take the bubbles wherever they may go.

Spend your hazy lazy fun day watching bubbles travel through the air and over the ocean before they pop.

Water Guns

Water guns are great for beach play. There is a water source available and the hot temperature and open space provides the perfect atmosphere for kids to run around and get wet.

To make playing with water guns even more interesting, you can use them in a game of squirt ball.

Here, kids will have to stand behind a line you draw in the sand. They will each have a beach ball at a set distance in front of them. It will be up to them to use the pressure in their water guns to try and move their balls. The one who gets their ball furthest is the winner.

If you are thinking of going to the beach this summer, these are all activities that will make your time there as much fun as possible. Which will you be incorporating in your sunny afternoons?

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