10 Outdoor Games for Family Gatherings

If you have family over, you want your get together to be fun. Planning exciting outdoor activities is a great way to make that happen. However, this can be challenging, as well. After all, there will be people of all ages at your gathering. What activities will be fun for everyone?

If you are planning a family gathering and are struggling to come up with activities everyone will enjoy, never fear. Here are some suggestions that all your guests will have fun with. 

  • I have participated in these activities at family gatherings. 
  • Everyone has had fun playing these games.
  • These activities are safe for people of all ages.

Table of Contents

  • The Banana Race
  • Egg Race
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Family Arts and Crafts Tent
  • Play Ball
  • Cup Stacking
  • Cheerios Game
  • Water Frisbee Race
  • Human Ring Toss

1. The Banana Race

For this activity, family members will be asked to tie a string around their waist. A banana will be attached to the other end of the string so that it dangles close to the ground. 

A whiffle ball is put in front of each family member. It will be up to the players to manipulate their bodies, so they are able to move the whiffle ball forward until they are able to get it across the finish line. The first player to do so wins the game.

2. Egg Race

This fun activity will be the true test of which family members have the best balance.

Players will each be given a spoon and an egg. They will hold the spoon in their mouths and balance an egg on the spoon while running to their teammate who is waiting on the other side of the racing area. 

Once they reach their teammate, they must transfer their egg to their teammate’s spoon, which the teammate should be holding in their mouths. The teammate runs to the other side to win the game. 

Outdoor Games for Family Gatherings

3. Water Balloon Toss

This one is a must on hot days.

To play the game, have your group divide into teams of two. Each team tosses a water balloon back and forth, getting further and further away from each other with each toss. The team that is able to keep their water balloon from hitting the ground for the longest amount of time wins. 

4. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun game to play just about anywhere, but it can really make a family gathering more exciting.

To play, come up with items and hide them around your lawn or campsite. Give each family member a list of items to look for. You can give prizes to the person who finds the most items the fastest or just have your group do the activity for the fun of it. 

You can let family members hunt on their own or in groups of two to add a sense of camaraderie to the activity. 

Outdoor activities for Family Gatherings

5. Family Arts and Crafts Tent

Whenever you are having an outdoor event, it’s always a good idea to set up an arts and crafts tent. This will give your guests a good place to rest and get creative. 

You can give your arts and crafts tent a family theme by throwing in pictures of your family. When people come into the tent, they can create items like picture frames, collages and albums that include these photos. 

Note, be sure you have backups of these photos in your possession before throwing them into the tent where they could get ruined!

6. Play Ball

There are tons of ball games that will go over well at a family reunion or any other type of outdoor event. Volleyball, football and baseball are just some you can choose from. Take a vote to find out what sports your family members enjoy and go from there to get the game organized. 

7. Cup Stacking

Cup stacking seems to be a trending activity. Here’s how you can bring the excitement to your family gathering.

Put out tables, each with five Solo cups stacked on them. One of the Solo cups will have a mark on it that makes it different from the others. That cup will be on the bottom of the stack. 

Each family member must go over to their tables and re-stack the cups so the colored cup ends up on top. After they do so, they run back and tag in their teammate who must complete the same task.

The first team to successfully stack their cups and make it back to home base wins. 

8. Cheerios Game

Here’s another one that involves stacking. 

To play this game, you must set up tables. Each table has a box with foam in it and a pipe cleaner sticking out of the foam. Cheerios are placed in a bowl next to the box.

Each player runs over to their box and must then stack Cheerios onto their pipe cleaners using only one hand. The first player to fill their pipe cleaner wins.

9. Water Frisbee Race

This activity requires dividing your group into teams. It doesn’t matter how many teams you make, as long as it’s two or more. 

Containers are placed on either side of the playing field, one filled with water and one empty.

Players start on the side next to the filled container and dip their frisbee in to fill it with water. Then they must run to the other side and empty the water. Of course, the object is not to spill the water while in transit. 

Every teammate must successfully fill their frisbee with water and make it to the other side to empty it. The team that completes this task the fastest wins. 

10. Human Ring Toss

We all know what a ring toss is, but a human ring toss?

For this game, your group will be divided into two teams. One team member steps out from the group to be the person the ring gets tossed around. 

Other team members use a pool noodle that has been shaped into a ring and closed with duct tape to try and lasso that person. The person can help out by wriggling their body to try and get the ring over their head, but they cannot move their feet. 

Team members keep taking turns until everyone has gotten a chance to successfully toss the ring over one of their teammates. The first team to have every member complete the ring toss wins.

These are great games that people of all ages can enjoy. Which will you be playing at your reunion? 

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