10 Unique Outdoor Games to Play with Your Kids

Variety is the spice of life. Adults aren’t the only ones that get bored of the same old, same old. Kids do too.

If your kids are rolling their eyes when you suggest a game of hide and seek, it might be time to spice things up a little bit. Well, the good news is, there are plenty of unique games you can play with your children. Many are just spin-offs the old standards.

Read on to find out about how you can add some variety to your kid’s playtime.

  • These games are safe for kids to play.
  • Kids have a lot of fun playing
  • I’ve played these games with my kids and we always have a lot of fun

Table of Contents

  • Rainbow Tag
  • Backyard Obstacle Course
  • Yard Twister
  • Recycled Bottle Bowling
  • Hula Hoop Challenge
  • Giant Memory Game
  • Break the Water Balloon 
  • Bring the Beach Home
  • Soap Boat Races
  • Pick Up Sticks

Rainbow Tag

This cross between capture the flag and hide and go seek is sure to get your kids excited.

To play the game, color five tongue depressors with different colors paints and hide them around your property. Leave a matching paint stick nearby.

When the players find a stick, they use the paint to color their faces with the matching color.

One player is designated as ‘It’. If ‘It’ tags another player, they will have to wipe a color off their face. The first player with all five colors on their face wins.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Why have a regular old race when you can have your kids test their speed running through an obstacle course?

An obstacle course can be created with any items you have on hand. Think of using old tires, ropes and orange cones to create a challenging adventure for your children.


Yard Twister

We all know that classic game Twister, right? You know, the one with all the dots on the plastic mat and kids taking turns putting their hands and feet on certain dots until they get all tangled up with each other.

Well, you can take that game outdoors simply by painting the lawn with the dots in the appropriate pattern. The best thing about doing the game outdoors is you can make the board as big as you want so as to accommodate all the neighborhood kids.

Recycled Bottle Bowling

Have fun with your kid while teaching them a valuable lesson about saving the earth.

Repurpose old bottles by painting them to look like bowling pins. Then set up the pins in your backyard and have your children attempt to knock them down by rolling a softball at them.

To make the game even more interesting, keep score as you would in a real bowling alley.

Hula Hoop Challenge

This take on the classic hula hoop encourages coordination and teamwork.

One player starts by spinning a hula hoop around their arm while holding hands with another player. The players have the hulas pass from one player’s arm to another keeping it in motion all the while. The game can be played with two people or many people holding hands in a circle.

Giant Memory Game

Memory is typically an indoor game, but with a little ingenuity, it can make for great outdoor fun.

All you need to do is take giant pieces of paper and put any images on them you wish. Just make sure each one has a match.

It’s up to the players to use their memories to find matches for each one. The player with the most matches wins.

Break the Water Balloon 

Water balloons are always fun to play with on a hot day. After your kids get tired of chasing each other with the balloons, try something different.

Hang the balloons from a swing set or a tree and have the kids punch them until they break. It’s kind of like pinata without the yummy treats but it’s sure to delight your kids just the same….and it’s a lot healthier!

Bring the Beach Home

Kids love digging through sand and making sandcastles at the beach, but you can’t go to the beach every day.

If you are unable to make the trek, you can bring the beach to you.

Sand is pretty inexpensive. Just buy a bag and put it in a large storage box or anything else you can find. Have your kids get their pails and shovels and out and…start digging!

Soap Boat Races

If you have a kiddie pool, soap boat races can be a great way to have some fun.

Boats can be created using soap as the base and toothpicks and fabric as the sails. Then your child can watch these boats float along or race against other boats.

This can also be a great way to sneak a bath in!

Pick Up Sticks

This is another game that’s typically played indoors but you can create your own outdoor version by making giant pick up sticks. Just spray paint bamboo yard sticks different colors. Be sure to paint one black to be used as the moving stick and you have all you need.

Just like the classic game, children must try to pick up the sticks without moving any of the other ones.

Hopefully, this article has given you ideas for games you can play with your kids when they are getting bored with the old standards. Which do you think your child will enjoy the most?

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