15 Ways I Tried to Stop Hiccups

Ugh, I’ve come down with the hiccups. 

Like you, in an effort to find a stop to my hiccups, I checked a bunch of websites online, and I wanted to share what I found with you about what worked and what didn’t in trying to stop my hiccups. I have nothing to sell, there are no affiliate links on this page, I just wanted to share some help.

A lot of people have devised several solutions to tackle and get rid of hiccups. I am going to present you with all the practical options I found so that you can try and get rid of it yourself. 

As always, consult a doctor before trying any of these ways to stop hiccups. I am not a doctor, I am only sharing with you what I read online and what sort of worked for me and what didn’t in stopping hiccups.  

Causes of Hiccups

But before we get down to business, what causes hiccups? Is it a natural random occurrence or as a result of our actions?

Experts say hiccups happen when our diaphragms begin to contract without our control. 

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Experts like the Mayo Clinic also say some physical actions may result in hiccups:

  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Eating too much
  • Excitement or emotional stress
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Swallowing air with chewing gum or sucking on candy

Ways to Stop hiccups

The following tips I found online are meant to be tried for a minor bout of hiccups that last a couple of minutes. If your hiccups are chronic (lasting for more than two days), please consult your doctor for proper care.

1. Drag your tongue

Some say dragging your tongue has been proven to stimulate the muscles and nerves in your throat to get rid of your of hiccups. Apparently, all you have to do is hold the tip of your tongue and pull it forward gently twice.

  • This method sort of worked for me, making the hiccups less bad, but not getting rid of them. 

2. Rub your carotid artery

Carotid muscles are what your hands feel when you check for a pulse. Try out this simple exercise: lie down and twist your head to the left side and rub that spot in a circular motion for a couple of seconds. 

  • I found this method did not work for me.

3. Suck on an ice cube

Throw an ice cube into your mouth and suck on it till it reduces in size. You can then swallow it.

  • Sorry, this one did not work for me. 

4. Hug your knees

Hugging your knees is also an unusual trick to get rid of hiccups. Sit down in a comfy position and bring your knees backwards towards your chest. Wrap your hands around them and remain like that for 3 minutes.

  • This one didn’t work for me. 

5. Drink water through a paper towel

Another unusual method that may work is covering your cup of cold water with a paper towel or cloth and sip water through it.

  • Nope. This one didn’t work for me. 

6. Gargle cold water

Pour cold water from a glass into your mouth and gargle for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise as much as possible.

  • I tried this one, and it helped get rid of as many hiccups, but I still had a few. 

7. Breathe into a paper bag

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it works best in my opinion. Grab a paper bag (any lunch bag will do) and place over your nose and mouth. Breathe in and out, deflating and pumping the bag. Avoid using a plastic bag. 

  • Yes, this classic worked for me.

8. Eat sugar

Granulated sugar has been tested to get rid of hiccups. Add a pinch of it into your mouth and leave it there for 10 seconds before swallowing.

  • I did not try this method, I don’t keep sugar in my house (not because it’s bad, but because I don’t use it for coffee and we don’t really bake sweets – we just buy them from the bakery).

9. Just drink cold water

Drinking cold water opens up the diaphragm and stimulates the vagus nerve, which eliminates hiccups. Try sipping cold water slowly from a cup.

  • I found this method worked, as well.   

10. Rub the back of your neck

Stimulate the phrenic nerve by massaging the skin lodged at the back of your neck.

  • I didn’t find that this method worked at all. 

11. Suck lemon

Lemon has may eliminate annoying hiccups. All you need to do is slice lemon and suck on it. You can also add a little salt to the lemon before sucking. Rinse your mouth with water afterwards. This is to shield your teeth against the heavy intake of citric acid.

  • I did not try this method as I did not have any lemons at home, but I encourage you to try it and report back in the comments! 

12. Compress your chest

For this exercise, bend or lean forward, which places pressure in your diaphragm. Do it for about a minute before straightening yourself.

  • I did not try this method, but I read online that some people had success with this method to stop hiccups

13. Hold your breath

Holding your breath supposedly works like magic. Please give yourself a big inhale and hold it for 15 seconds before releasing your breaths slowly. You’d have to repeat a couple of times.

  • I tried this way to stop hiccups, and it sort of worked – my hiccups stopped like twenty minutes later. 

14. Distract yourself

When you’re so fixated on the hiccup, it is going to remain. Try to focus on something else like playing video games, chess, a crossword puzzle, just anything that will make you forget you had a hiccup.

  • Yes, this way to stop hiccups sort of works. Eventually, unless you have chronic hiccups, they will stop when you don’t even notice. 

15. Try slow breathing

Breathing slowly is another potential solution for getting rid of hiccups. Count to 5 and breathe in, then count to 5 and breathe out. Practice this within a 5-minute frame.

  • I tried this before, and my hiccups stopped about 10 minutes later. 

Preventing hiccups

As I have stated earlier, physical actions trigger most cases of hiccups. If you’re frequently experiencing hiccups, you should try the following to avoid hiccups:

  • Avoid eating spicy foods too much. 
  • Eat more slowly, pausing a while to drink water before eating again. 
  • Reduce your intake of alcohol. If you have to stop, stop drinking it altogether. 
  • Avoid taking carbonated drinks like Pepsi, Coke, Sprite and so on. 
  • Fill your mouth with small amounts of food you can eat at a go. 
  • Relax more and have deep breaths. You can also practice meditation as a means to reduce stress. 

Hopefully this article helped you stop your hiccups and you get back to having fun.

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