7 Running Games for Kids

All about fun kids running games!

I remember when childhood was all about playing, running, and somersaulting. Sometimes I watch my kids play, and the view itself takes me back to the years of innocence – younger years when our world was wrapped in wraps of candy bars and ice cream. And that was all that mattered. 

Our kids deserve to have a happy childhood — because when else would we give them that? Kids need to play games, and with this post, I have put together seven running games kids could play outside.

Experts recommend and encourage that children do sports and other physical activities to maintain physical fitness and mental alertness. 

Studies have shown that a child’s school grades and behavior, in particular the relation to their peers, improve substantially through sports. And running games are the most inexpensive sports we could organize for our kids.

So let the countdown begin!

Running Race

The running race is one that never gets old. This is probably a kid’s first introduction to Sprinting. 

How does it work?

First, draw a start and finish line. Then instruct the kids to squat on one knee. They can only take off only when you tell them to and at the sound of the whistle.

The first person down the finish line wins.

kids running games


Okay, so I love soccer. But it made this list not because I love it, but because it’s a game of agility, stamina and a lot of footwork.

How to play:

So first you want to get a ball. Then gather the kids around and split them into opposing teams of an equal number of players.

Next, you need to get a coin for a coin toss. This is to determine which team passes the ball first and gets the game on the roll. 

Sharks and Minnows

Now, this is a fun running game, one that reminds you of movies about zombies, only this time, it features sharks instead of zombies. 

Here’s how you play: 

Split the kids into two groups at either end of the field, or for a large number of kids, get them to form a gigantic circle.

children running game

At the center will be one kid who would volunteer to be a shark. All other kids are minnows.

At the sound of the whistle, the kids will run all over the place to avoid being caught or tagged by the shark. If the shark catches one minnow, that minnow becomes a shark and would go after other minnows.

Candy Hunting Game

The Candy Hunting Game is very easy and fun. And it’s not only because the kids will be looking for candy, but because they might as well eat most of it.

But make sure your kids don’t eat too much candy as it could cause upset stomachs.

How to Play:

Take the kids to an open field or a park. Spread wrapped candies all over the place (but not too far to keep your eyes on them).

Draw a starting line or point. This is where your kids will start running from, and where they will drop each candy they retrieve.

Kids are only allowed to retrieve one candy at a time. So they retrieve one candy, drop it at the starting point, and then go again.

The kid who retrieves the most candy wins.

The Puzzle Game

It’s a lot like the candy hunting game; only this time, kids retrieve pieces of a puzzle.

Here’s how it is done:

First, you have to disarrange a puzzle into its pieces and put each piece in an envelope. Next, scatter the envelope over the field.

Draw a starting line some distance from where the scattered envelopes are. Each kid is to retrieve one envelope at a time and put them together to form the puzzle.

Freeze Warm

Freeze Warm is also a fun running outdoor game. 

How to play:

First, one of the kids will be a seeker. Every other kid has to run away from this seeker. The seeker must chase and tag others by the word Freeze.

The frozen player must remain at the spot, unmoving. The seeker must then guide this frozen player and other players from unfreezing him by touching him.  


The seeker is a fun and exciting running game. It’s the parent of the freeze warm game.

Appoint a seeker who’d chase other players. Once the seeker touches one player, they become seekers themselves, joining the first seeker to catch and turn other players to seekers.

kids and toddlers running game to play

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