16 Activities that Help Families Bond

Establishing a sense of family is an integral part of a child’s development. Parents can help their children feel closer to them by proposing that everyone engage in activities the whole family will enjoy.

If you are looking for activities that will help you get closer to your family members, here are a few that are recommended.

  • I have participated in these activities with my family. 
  • Everyone in my family has enjoyed these activities. 
  • These activities made the members of my family feel closer to one another.

1. Play a Card Game

There are so many card games families can play together. UNO, Go Fish… even poker (where you trade fun items instead of money, of course!)

Consider everyone’s experience and skill level and pick a card game the whole family can enjoy.

2. Go to the Beach

A day trip is a fun way to enjoy an afternoon and what better destination than the beach?

While at the beach, one family member might laze in the sun while another will go in the water while another will dig in the sand. This is all good and fine but make sure you are all able to spend some quality time together as well. 

Pick at least one activity you can all have fun with like playing volleyball, collecting seashells, or drawing in the sand. 

3. Go on a Picnic

A picnic is another fun afternoon activity that can provide bonding moments for your family. 

Go in on it together from the beginning by having everyone work on putting together a meal you all will enjoy. Then choose a beautiful spot where you all can eat the food.

You should also decide on fun activities you can play after you eat. A game of frisbee, or just tossing a ball around can add fun to your picnic. 

4. Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun activity that is brought to us via a newly designed app. 

The app’s users participate in a game where they must find geocaches which are hidden containers located all around the world. The app provides players with a description, the recent activity, attributes and hints for each geocache. It also offers navigational tools that help players locate them.

The live search continuously updates as you move. You can also message other players for tips and hints.

Geocaching can be played with just one member, but it will be more fun if you get the whole family in on the fun. You can all wrack your brains to discover where the geocaches are hidden. 

5. Go to the Library

Reading should be encouraged in every family. Make trips to the library regularly to let your children know how critical reading is.

If they are young enough, you can go home and read the books together. If the children are older, try reading the same books so you can discuss them in the future. 

6. Have a Staycation

Instead of spending a lot of money on out of town travel, opt for a staycation instead. Just book a hotel near you (you can make up the money you save on travel and go luxury) and explore the neighborhoods near your hometown. You can live like you’re on vacation without getting on a plane!

7. Gardening

Gardening is a family project everyone can enjoy. Family members can pick the plants they want to grow, including fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs.

Everyone can spend time tending to the garden, making sure the plants are trimmed and watered regularly. 

But the best part will be when you start to see the fruits (no pun intended) of your labor. Take pictures of growing flowers. If you have planted herbs, veggies, or fruits, you will all enjoy picking them and finding out what they taste like. 

8. Cook Dinner Together

Cooking together is a great family bonding opportunity. It also is a terrific way to teach children mathematical skills, develop their motor skills and more. 

Get the kids involved by having them do most of the legwork, including figuring out what they want to make and having them do a majority of the cooking. Parents can step in when necessary to help out and add to the bonding potential. 

9. Find a New Playground

There are beautiful playgrounds in every city in our country. You can use the Playground Finder web site to find one that is not too far from you. Once there, encourage your children to play on their own as well as providing family activities you can all participate in. 

10. Get the Kids to Navigate

Here’s a way you can make road trips more fun.

Get in the car and blindfold the kids. (Okay, this one might seem a little weird but bear with me.) After driving for about 15 minutes, have the kids take off their blindfolds. See if they can navigate their way home. 

11. Create Artwork Together

This one is easy to organize, and you can get lovely results that will last forever. 

Just get together a bunch of art supplies including various pens, papers, markers paints, materials and so on. Then choose a theme. This can be a movie the family enjoys, a decade, a type of food…whatever all of you are interested in. 

Then work on creating a piece of art that suits that theme. Once you are done, you will have a lovely piece of home décor you will all cherish. 

12. Go Camping

Camping is another activity the whole family can enjoy. If you don’t want to go to a campsite, you can even camp out in your backyard. 

Just take the necessary items like a tent, sleeping bags, a flashlight, a lantern, and of course, crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars to make smores—the look forward to enjoying a night under the stars. 

13. Family Movie Night

Find a movie the whole family will enjoy. Pop some popcorn, snuggle under some covers and enjoy. 

Movies provide great bonding moments, and they can inspire conversations that will have your family talking for days. 

14. Pick Fruit

Most cities have a farm in driving distance that allows visitors to come and pick fruits like apples, berries or whatever else is in season. 

Picking fruit can make for quality family time, and you will also get some healthy and delicious snacks out of the deal. 

15. Watch Sports

If your family is enthusiastic about sports, watching a sporting game together can really promote bonding. The atmosphere in your home will be just as much fun as the game. Encourage your children to pick a team so they can get passionate about supporting a side. 

16. Take a Nature Walk

Walking through nature provides great physical activity, educational experience, and it will bring you and your family closer together. To make your walk more exciting, turn it into a scavenger hunt collecting items as you go. You can also take pictures to document the things you saw and the fun you had. 

Which of these fun activities will you be doing to promote bonding within your family? 

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