10 Father’s Day Family Activities

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Families and friends will be celebrating by grilling and participating in outdoor activities

If you are struggling to come up with activities that will make your Father’s Day more fun, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are some games the whole family is sure to enjoy. 

  • I have played these games with large groups on Father’s Day.
  • Everyone who participated had fun playing these games. 
  • These games are safe to play.

Barbecue Relay Race

Barbecuing is usually a big part of Father’s Day. If your celebration includes some grilling, here is a great game you can play.

Have your group divide into two teams. Each team consists of fathers and their children. 

Each team’s objective is to grab barbecue items to set a distance away and bring them back to the grill. The team to bring back all the items first wins.

If you are playing with a smaller group, you can do a barbecue scavenger hunt instead. Just give each team a list of tools to look for. The first team to find them and bring them back wins. 

Three-Legged Race

A three-legged race is a fun activity at any event but it especially fun at a Father’s Day celebration. The twist here is that each team racing will consist of a child and their father.

Team members stand side by side and tie their inner legs together. It is then up to them to make it to the finish line in their tied together state. The first team to the finish line wins. 

Three Handed Race

This is similar to the three-legged race; only here, the child and father’s hands are tied together. Then the team works together to accomplish any number of activities including making a sandwich, building a cabin out of blocks or unwrapping Father’s Day gifts.

Pin the Tie on the Dad

We’ve all heard of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Pin the Tie on the Dad has the same premise but with a Father’s Day spin.

For this activity, you will need to blow up a picture of the father’s torso. Then give each child a tie or a tie cut out of paper. It is up to the kids to tack the tie on to the paper, so it is as close to the collar as possible. The player that comes the closest wins. 

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

This is another one that allows kids and their dads to work together. 

To play the game, children will have to go through an obstacle course blindfolded. Their dads will stand at the finish line, giving them instructions to guide them through the course safely. The first child to reach their dad wins. 

Close Shave

What dad wouldn’t want a great shave on Father’s Day?

For this activity, dads should be seated in lawn chairs. A collection of kid-friendly shaving tools such as popsicle sticks, shaving bibs and whipped cream is set out a few feet away from the fathers.

It’s up to the kids to gather the items and give their dad a shave. The one who completes the task first wins the game. 

Pie Eating Contest

A pie-eating contest is always a fun outdoor activity. To give this one a Father’s Day theme, start by setting out pie crusts with a variety of ingredients. Kids must use the ingredients to assemble a pie they think their father will enjoy. 

Once the child sets their pie in front of their father, he must eat the pie as quickly as possible. The father who finishes his pie first wins it for the team. 

Father’s Day Puzzle Game

For this game, take pictures of all the fathers at your celebration. Enlarge them and cut them into puzzle shaped pieces. Put them in a box and see if the kids can reassemble them in the proper configuration. 

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

What doesn’t dad secretly dream of being a Ninja warrior? You can give him a shot at his dream by building a ninja obstacle course in your backyard. Of course, you may be limited by what’s available, but including tires to climb through, ropes to swing off of and some kind of rock-climbing wall are all good suggestions. 

Once the course is assembled, have all the dads race to see who can complete the course fastest. They can also tag their kids in for added excitement. 

Name that Tool

For this activity, dads will need to sit in a lawn chair blindfolded with a bucket of tools at his feet. His child will pick up a tool and begin describing it to his father. It will be up to the father to guess what the tool is based on his child’s description. 

This isn’t like other games in that there is a clear winner, but it’s a great bonding opportunity. 

Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate, and these games can be played to make your holiday more fun. Which will you be doing at your family get together? 

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