10 Outdoor Activities for Tweens

Parents, if you have a tween, I feel your pain. They are at this awkward stage of life between childhood and adulthood when nothing is quite right. You want them to get outside and be active, but you fear that they might give you a dirty look and claim that the activities are too childish. 

Well, here are some activities you can encourage your tweens to participate in that are sure to get them having a great time.

  • I have encouraged my tweens to participate in these activities. 
  • My tweens have had fun doing these activities.
  • All of these activities are safe.

Table of Contents

  • Playing with Water Guns
  • Chalk Murals
  • Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
  • Create a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
  • Glow in the Dark Bowling
  • Gardening
  • Dodgeball
  • Slam Dunk
  • Squirt Gun Art
  • Frisbee

Playing with Water Guns

Playing with water guns is an activity that children never seem to outgrow. You can set up cups on top of plastic cones and have your tween test their aim by trying to shoot down the cups. Alternately, I’m sure your tween will enjoy having water gun fights with their friends. 

Just be careful, I know quite a few tweens that are happy to squirt their parents with water guns as well!

I found a set of water guns for only $15 on Amazon. These particular water guns have a 5-star customer ranking with over 100 reviews (at the time of this blog post).

Chalk Murals

Art is a great way to relieve stress, and between peer pressure, school and extracurricular activities, your tween may be dealing with a lot of anxiety! Art also provides an excellent outlet for exploring creativity. 

For a simple outdoor activity, give your tween a box of chalk and an area of sidewalk and let them loose. 

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Watermelon is a great summer fruit. It’s healthy, and it can really help you cool off. 

Make your watermelon eating adventures more fun by creating a watermelon seed spitting contest. To play the game, use chalk to create a line where children will stand to spit the seeds. Then measure how far they go once they land. 

To make the activity more ‘math-y’, measure the distance between where different seeds land or calculate the probability of them landing in the same spot twice.

games for tweens outdoors
Tween outdoor stuff to do

Create a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

If you watch the show American Ninja Warrior, you will know exactly what this activity will entail… and even if you don’t watch the show, you can probably use your imagination.

The course you are able to create will vary depending on the materials you have handy, but you may be able to make obstacles your child can jump over, ropes they can climb on, walls they can scale and more. 

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Any game is cooler if you can do it at night. Your tween will love this take on outdoor bowling. To add a glow in the dark element, fill bottles with glow sticks. Then use a hamster ball or softball to knock down as many bottles as possible. 

Kids can make the game even more exciting by keeping score just as they would in any other bowling alley. 


Not every tween will take to gardening, but if they find they enjoy it, it can be a lifelong activity that pays off by providing them with fresh fruits and vegetables whenever they would like them. 

If you have never gardened, you will need to get prepared by learning a bit about the best crops to grow and how to prepare the soil. You will also need to get some basic tools. 

But once you get the hang of it, it will be easy for tweens to work their gardening chores into their everyday routine.

They will get a real pride in ownership from the crops they produce.


Drones are fun activities that tweens seem to love. The price of drones has really come down while the quality (and longevity) has really improved. Because drones aren’t as expensive as they used to be, you can be sure that it won’t be a disaster if your tween loses or breaks his or her drone.

I found a drone on Amazon that is less than $70 and has a very high customer rating (5 stars at the time of this post) with more than 100 reviews.

outdoor stuff to do for tweens
Tween outdoor activities


This is a game tweens love, and it is easy to play; all it takes is a large ball. 

The game is played when participants divide into two teams. The teams stand on each side of the field. The object is for members of one team to try to hit members of the other team with the ball. When team members are hit they are out of the game. 

The team that is able to get all the players of the other team out first wins.

When playing this game, tweens should be careful to aim below the neck and to avoid throwing the ball too hard. 

Slam Dunk

Shooting hoops is a fun outdoor activity, but if you don’t have a basketball net in your backyard, here’s a great variation. 

To play slam dunk, divide participants into groups of two and put trash bins in each corner of your yard. The object of the game is for the players to get their balls into the other team’s bins. 

Players can dribble or pass the ball to try it keep it out of the other team’s reach. 

Once they dunk the ball, they score a point. The team with the most points wins.

Squirt Gun Art

This game has a simple premise, but it’s a lot of fun for tweens. 

To play, simply fill water guns with paint. Set up sturdy pieces of paper on an easel and have your kids squirt the paint on to the paper to create art. They will love the abstract pieces they end up with. 


Frisbee is a fun and relaxing game for tweens to play. It takes a bit more skill than throwing a ball around, and kids can bond as they throw the disc back and forth. 

Add glow in the dark paint to the frisbees to add some excitement to a nighttime round. It can be difficult to keep your tweens entertained and encouraging them to go outside, but this fun twist takes it to a whole other level.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration for how you can keep your kids active. Which of these do you think they will enjoy? 

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