Top 10 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

If you have a toddler, it’s important to make sure they get some fresh air every day. When you are outside with your toddler, you will want to do something constructive to keep them active and occupied.

Coming up with a new activity every day can be difficult, but never fear, we compiled some great ideas for things you can do that are sure to provide a lot of excitement.

  • These activities are fun for toddlers.
  • These activities encourage child development.
  • I have done these activities with my child and they are fun and safe.

Table of Contents:

  • Color Hop
  • Wagon Rides
  • Toilet Paper Bird Feeder
  • Nature Mural
  • Duct Tape Bracelet
  • Jumping Puddles
  • Playing with Worms
  • Fishing for Letters
  • Nature Impression in Play-Doh
  • Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Color Hop

This is an activity that will teach your toddler color recognition while providing some great physical activity.

To play the game, create a grid of circles using different color chalks. Call out a color and have your toddler hop on the circle that corresponds to that color.

When they get tired of that activity, use the chalk to draw pictures on the hard surface you are using for your grid.

Wagon Rides

If you have a larger family or if there are other children on the block that want to play, wagon rides are a great way to pass the afternoon.

Smaller children can pack up in the wagon while bigger kids can pull them around. Of course, the smaller kids can also pull the bigger kids if there are enough of them.

To make the game even more exciting, the kids can pretend they are taking each other to exotic locations in an open-air taxi ride.

This game has a simple premise, but sometimes the simplest games are the most fun!

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

This is a great project for arts and crafts enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

To make the feeder, you will need to spread peanut butter over a toilet paper roll. Then roll it in bird seed. Thread a string through the center and use the ends of the string to tie it to a tree.

Sit around and watch the birds come to eat the feast you and your child have prepared.

Nature Mural

Your little artist will love making a mural out of all-natural materials.

To start, take a piece of contact paper. Use painters’ tape to tape it to an outside wall on your property or your garage door, sticky side out.

Have your toddler gather whatever natural products they can find like flowers, grass and leaves. When they are done, they will have a beautiful sticky mural.

Be sure to take a picture to serve as a souvenir.

Duct Tape Bracelet

This is a similar concept to the nature mural, but once completed, your child will have a great piece of jewelry.

To do this activity, simply put a piece of duct tape around your child’s wrist sticky side out. Bonus if you have duct tape with a fancy color or design.

Let your child pick up leaves, flowers and other objects found in nature to make a beautiful bracelet he or she can wear for the day.

Jumping Puddles

After a rain, jumping puddles can make a great outdoor activity. You can choose to jump over the puddles or directly in them.

For added fun, revisit your childhood and join them in their puddle jumping game. Just make sure you are both wearing a good pair of galoshes!

Playing with Worms

Okay, playing with worms may be a little gross but you can recreate the experience with some cooked spaghetti, dirt and a plastic tub.

Just cook the spaghetti and put it in a tub of dirt. If your toddler is not too squeamish, they will jump right in. It’s a great way to provide a sensory experience and have a lot of fun in the process.

Fishing for Letters

This is a terrific way to teach your child the alphabet.

To play the game, use chalk to spell out the alphabet on a cement surface.

Put foam letters in a plastic kiddie pool. Make sure every letter of the alphabet if represented. Fill the pool with a bit of water.

Give your child a small net. When he or she fishes out a letter, have them match it with a letter on the sidewalk. They will be reading and spelling in no time.

Nature Impressions in Play-Doh

You don’t need all that fancy equipment to play with Play-Doh.

For this activity, all your child will need to do is take Play-Doh and roll it out flat. Then he or she can put leaves, rocks or whatever they find in nature into the Play-Doh to make an impression.

Be sure to get a picture so you can look back on your memories.

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Make walks with your toddler more fun by turning them into scavenger hunts.

Take a paper bag with you and draw pictures of things you can find like leaves, bugs, flowers and more. Collect them all in your bag.

When you are done, you can look your items over and talk about their features with their toddler as and additional educational experience.

Now that you know some great ways to keep your child entertained, it’s time to get their play things together and head outside. Which of these will you be doing with your toddler?

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