Unique Girl Names that Start With Q

There are many reasons we give our children the names we do. 

In some cases, we may just really like the name. In other instances, we may want to name our children after a relative or a celebrity or some other famous person. In other situations, some parents want to give each child a name that has the same first initial as the other children in the family, like Khardasian kids, each of whom has a first name that starts with the letter K. 

If that initial is ‘Q’, you definitely have a challenge on your hands.

There are not many names that start with Q, so finding one that’s right will be difficult, but not impossible. 

Read on to find out some Q names you can name your child if you’re having a girl. 


Qiana is a name that became popular in the late ’70s. It is a shiny synthetic silk-like fabric that was commonly worn during that time. It was made into button-front shirts with pointy collars that were often worn at disco clubs. 

Variations on the name Quiana include Qiana and Kianna. 


The name Quelina is of Mexican and Indian descent. It is associated with courage, willpower, integrity, trustworthiness and stability. 


When people hear the nickname ‘Tessa’, most think it is short for Theresa, but it can also be short for Quentessa. The name is of Latin origin, and it means fifth or form of quintessence, which means a perfect example of quality or class. The name Quantasia is a common variation. 


Qacha is of Mongolian origin. It literally translates as ‘flank’. 


Quinn is an Irish family name. Parents may name their child Quinn to carry on the name if it is beginning to die off in the family due to female births. It can be used for either gender, but you can add an ‘E’ at the end to make it more feminine (Quinne). Qwin is another variation.


Parents who want their little girl associated with royalty may choose the name Queen or Queenie. These names are English in origin, and they mean queen.  


Querida means ‘beloved’ in Spanish. This makes it a suitable name to give a little girl.


The moon is a feminine symbol that represents the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. It symbolizes immortality, eternity and enlightenment.

Because the moon is such a bold feminine symbol, many parents choose to pay tribute to it in the naming of their daughters. Luna, for instance, is a somewhat common name for girls.

If you want to pay tribute to the moon but are looking for a name that starts with ‘Q’, Qamra, is the perfect option. It means moon in Greece, and it is a lovely and powerful female name. 


Qiao is a Chinese name that means pretty or handsome. It is gender-neutral, so it works well as a boy’s name or a girl’s name. 

Qing Yuan

Qing Yuan is another gender-neutral name of Chinese origin. It means deep water or clear spring. 

Water symbolizes purification, birth, fertility and refreshment. Giving your child such a name will give her an energetic spirit that will last throughout her lifetime. 


Some parents want to pay tribute to nature when choosing a name for their child. A tree is the ultimate symbol of nature. It represents physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, liberation, union and fertility. It is also symbolic of growth and resurrection. 

Quanda is an American girl’s name that means slender, young tree. It is a great way to pass on the spirit of nature to your child. 


The word quarry is often used in the English language. It means ‘deep pit where stone is extracted’. The sound of the word makes it a suitable name for both boys and girls. 


The name Quayliah is of American origin. It means ‘created name’.


This American word meaning ‘entering a physical lineup’ can be used to name both boys and girls. 


Quest is a word meaning ‘long journey’. It is Latin in origin. Giving your daughter this name will prepare her for a lifetime of seeking importance and is hopeful that she will find what she is looking for. 

The name is gender neutral and it is also suitable for boys. 


Quetzalxochitl is Aztec in origin and it means precious flower or queen. It is associated with Xochiquetzal, an Aztec goddess who stands for fertility, beauty, sexual power, pregnancy, childbirth, weaving and embroidery. Goddess I is a similar figure honored in Mayan / Hispanic culture. 

Although the name is lovely and has a deep meaning behind it, it is difficult to spell and pronounce. Make sure your daughter is prepared to correct people throughout her life when you give her this somewhat complex name. 


Quillan is an Irish name that can be used for boys and girls. It means cub, as in a bear cub or any other baby animal referred to as a cub. 


Those who know Spanish will already realize that quinta has to do with the number five. It literally translates as ‘fifth’. If five is a lucky number for you, consider naming your daughter Quinta. 


This unique name means ‘chewing elk’, and it is Native American in origin. It can be used for a boy or a girl. 


Qadan is Mongolian in origin and it means cliff. It is a good name for parents who want their children associated with nature and mountainous views. It can be used to name a boy or a girl. 


Qi is an easy, simple name that has an exotic flair. It is Chinese in origin, and it means ‘fine jade’.

Jade is a green stone that is popular in Chinese culture, and it stands for purity. It also protects and supports loving heart energy, harmony and balance. 

Qi also means outstanding, distinguished, special or pretty in Mandarin. 


Qimat is an Arabic name that means valuable. The meaning pretty much sums it up! The name can be used for boys and girls alike. 


If you immediately think of the American word kismet when you hear this name, you’re on to something. Both the American word and this Arabic name mean destiny or fate. Naming your daughter Quismah will set her up for a life that is quite serendipitous. 


If you enjoy spacey stuff, consider naming your daughter Quasar. This unique name means meteorite in English. 


Qwara is an African name that is popular in Ethiopian tribes. Girls with this name are sure to be powerful warriors. 


Quincy is one of the more popular Q names. It can be used for either girls or boys.

The name is French in origin, and it derives from the city in France of the same name. Famous Quincy’s include the musician and producer Quincy Jones. 


Quant is an American last name that some parents may want to pass on to their children as first names if it is dying out in the lineage. Alternately, they may just really like the name. 

The name is Dutch in origin, and it means ‘rogue’. Famous people with the last name include popular fashion designer of the 60’s Mary Quant. 

The name is gender-neutral and suitable for both boys and girls. 

Honorable mentions for unique girl names that start with Q:

  • Quantay
  • Quasim
  • Quentin
  • Quigley
  • Quill
  • Quince
  • Quirin
  • Quitrelle
  • Quartz
  • Queena
  • Quetta
  • Quorra

Now that you know some Q names that you can give your little girl, which of these will you be going with? 

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